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Fillers is both a simple and a complex topic. Simply fillers are tissue fillers, approved by the FDA to fill a deficient area of tissue, in many cases a wrinkle. The material is placed in the tissue with a needle, an office procedure that can be done quickly and usually with very little swelling or bruising. In contrast, some tissue augmentation can be done with implants of multiple types(breast, cheek, lip, nose etc) but such implants require and an incision and surgery.

Fillers and botox are often used together to get the best result, and to avoid surgery. They are both very effective but some lines are better treated with botox, or better treated with filler, or both.

In this setting, what can botox do and not do? Botox paralyzes the muscle that creates some wrinkles: at the brow between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead lines, lines on the upper lip and to some degree even lines around the mouth. A key to understanding what work is seen in looking at them in the mirror. If the wrinkles or creases are still present after the muscle is relaxed then filler will likely be beneficial in minimizing that wrinkle—usually with botox to get the best result.

Available fillers are many: collagen, hyaluronic acid fillers(Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Belotero, and others), hydroxyapetite (Radiesse), poly-L-lactic acid(Sulptra), and others that attempt to be even longer lasting. All fillers have risks of lumps and bumps, imperfections and asymmetries however the result is almost always satisfying.

Fillers can be classified as implants by the FDA, even though when many of them go away, they go away completely. This fact has advantages and disadvantages however it is mostly an advantage. Why? Because wrinkles change over time and filler will have to applied differently at different times in one’s life.

The procedure involves local anesthesia, ice pack and a few minutes in the office. Fillers are very popular across the country and in our practice and for very good reason--they work very well in minimizing wrinkles.

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