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Fine line fillers

Some fillers are designed for treating the finest lines such as those around the eyes and the ‘crow’s feet.’ Belotero is a hyaluronic acid filler, like Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm, but it molecular structure has less cross-linking making it less likely to clump under the skin. After injection with a fine needle it lies in the skin in a neat line.

The opposite can be said of highly ‘cross-linked’ fillers such as Perlane. Perlane is designed for volume enhancement in areas such as cheek augmentation and deeper lines around the mouth and in front of the ‘jowl.’ Clumping is an asset when the filler is injected deeper or under thicker skin to push the skin out further, as in improving the prominence of the jaw, chin and the cheekbone. However, such clumping can be noticeable in areas of very thin skin--like the skin around the eyes and even the skin between the eyebrows.

How can a fine-line filler be used?
Injection can be closer to the skin surface, into a wrinkle that is narrow and shallow, but still deep enough to be visible. The most common example are the crow’s feet lines around the eyes, continuing to the temple in some people.

Similarly for the lines on the upper cheek below the crow’s feet, that are very noticeable in smile. Such lines are a common cause for concern. What we are referring to are the lines on the cheek, below the crow’s feet, that are not treatable--with botox, without dropping the corner of the mouth(bad idea). So for such lines an even application of filler is just the right option.

In this setting, what can botox do and not do?
Botox paralyzes the muscle that creates some wrinkles: at the brow between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead lines, lines on the upper lip and to some degree even lines around the mouth. A key to understanding what work is seen in looking at them in the mirror. If the wrinkles or creases are still present after the muscle is relaxed then filler is likely be beneficial in minimizing that wrinkle—usually with botox to get the best result.

In any case, fillers for fine lines can be highly worthwhile and very satisfying if used well. One can get the best results by picking out what bothers them most and coming in for a discussion on how to best address it.

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