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Tummy Tuck Procedure - Tummy Tuck Before and After
Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplasty, also known as a  tummy tuck procedure, in which excess skin and fat is removed from the abdomen area, causing the muscles in the abdomen to tighten; tummy tuck before and after pictures show obvious transformation. A tummy tuck procedure dramatically alters the appearance of the stomach, making it look smoother and flatter. Patients with fat deposits or loose skin on the stomach that will not respond to diet and exercise are ideal candidates for a tummy tuck procedure. Women who, after pregnancy, have skin that has been stretched to a point where it will not go back to normal are also ideal candidates. Patients who want to have more pregnancies or lose weight are urged to wait until after these events. Usually the after effects of the tummy tuck are long lasting if patients maintain a healthy weight and diet.
The type of abdominoplasty and areas where the fat deposits and skin are located, will affect the surgical time and recovery time. Generally a full abdominoplasty takes anywhere from two to five hours to complete and a partial abdominoplasty may only take an hour or two. Commonly these procedures are done in an outpatient office setting. However in some cases surgeons may want to perform the procedure in an inpatient setting where the patient can stay for a few days afterwards for monitoring. Usually a general anesthesia is given so you will sleep through the tummy tuck procedure. However in some cases local anesthesia is preferred and a sedative is given to the patient to ensure that the patient is drowsy.

Dr. Anagnos will make a long incision from each hipbone right above the pubic area, also a second incision will be made to ensure that the navel is free from the surrounding tissues. During a partial abdominoplasty procedure the incision is usually shorter and the navel may not be moved. After making the proper incisions, he will then separate the skin all the way up to the ribs to gain access to the vertical muscles located in the abdomen. The muscles are pulled together and stitched into their new positions, thus tightening the muscles, and giving the overall appearance of a smaller and firmer waistline. During a partial abdominoplasty the patientís skin flap is stretched down and the excess skin is removed, the vertical muscles are usually left in place. The excess skin is then removed and the remaining skin is stretched over the abdomen wall. A navel hole then is created and put into place.

After stitching all incisions and applying the proper dressings, the patient may also have to have a temporary draining tube to drain excess fluid from the place of surgery.

In the days after the surgery patients usually experience some pain and discomfort in the abdomen area as well as some swelling. Dr. Anagnos, our North Carolina plastic surgeon, will provide for you care instructions on cleaning and showering the areas. At first some people may not be able to stand straight up. However within a few days patients are usually back on their feet. Overall recovery usually takes a few months depending on the condition of the patient prior to the surgery.  The tummy tuck before and after results are sometimes astonishing. If you are in top physical shape before surgery, of course, your recovery time will be less than someone who is not in top physical shape. Most patients find it easy to return to work after two weeks while others decide to take up to four weeks off to recuperate and rest. The scars that will remain from the surgery may take many months to diminish, although the scars are usually not visible under most clothing, even bathing suits.

The risks associated with abdominoplasties are the same with any surgery. Patients can develop infections or blood clots (although rare). Infections can be treated with antibiotics to ensure that proper healing will occur. Also, if patients do not heal well, the scarring can be more visible and in some instances may warrant another operation. Patients are urged to stop smoking before the operation, and after the operation patients are advised to start to exercise as soon as they feel well enough, as this will aid in better blood circulation.

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