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Submental/Under Jaw Neck Lift/The Weekend Neck Lift

Can the hanging skin under the chin be improved without surgical incisions around the ears? For many people, the skin under the chin is the most annoying reminder of getting older. The short answer to that question is yes even though minimally invasive incisions are still needed.

While it is difficult to dispute that full face and neck lift—incisions under the chin and around the ears--often give the best overall result, lesser procedures can minimize that ‘turkey waddle’ in most people.

What is the weekend neck lift(as opposed to the weekend face lift)?
The procedure can be done under local anesthesia in about an hour. The area of surgery is directly under the chin. An approximately one inch incision is used in the shadow under the chin. Fatty tissue is removed back to the voicebox and the muscle is repaired(platysmoplasty). Those procedures remove the bulge and raise the skin under the chin. Pain is almost always treated with Tylenol only and the postoperative dressing is a garment worn over the head and under the chin. Bruising is also minimal. The garment helps control swelling over the first week and at night after the first week.

Where does liposuction fit in? In this location ‘liposculpture’ is a better term. The goal is remove a very small amount of fat, to create a shadow under the jaw and angle from the head to neck. The effect is subtle but very real.

A common question: can the neck be improved by face lift alone?
Only partially. There are two important considerations. In the neck that has very little fatty tissue a lift alone can be accomplished from the face alone but as gravity always has its effect, recurrence is sooner. Removal of fatty tissue under the chin is permanent, even if the skin sags with time it sags less.

One way to make the decision between face surgery with incision at the ears, and neck surgery alone is to focus on the area that really bothers you. As a rough rule of thumb, if the area of concern is the jowl fullness a procedure on the lower face will probably address that concern better. If the primary concern is under the chin, surgery under the chin will leave more improvement under the chin and neck.

The pictures herein show patients having minimally invasive surgery as above. The change in the shape of the neck is most noticeable. If there is simply too much loose skin to contract, or the flattest result is desired, full face and neck lift is required. Example #3 is such a person but who did wanted less surgery and quicker recovery. Note the improvement in shape but the remaining skin under the chin. Such a result is the tradeoff for lesser surgery with that anatomy—a patient satisfied with a much smaller operation. Forewarning: this issue is complex and best sorted out after an examination and thorough discussion about the individual anatomy.

In summary, notable improvement can be achieved with a minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia with minimal postoperative pain and quick recovery. Some compromises have to be made but the result can still be satisfying. The Weekend Neck Lift.

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