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Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Rhinoplasty surgery is when the nose is reshaped and resculpted. Thousands of rhinoplasties, or nose jobs are performed each year. Dr. Anagnos, Blue Ridge Plastic Surgery Group's rhinoplasty surgeon, can either increase or decrease the size of the nose, change the overall shape of the tip of the nose and bridge, narrow the nostril span, or change the angle between the upper lip and the nose. At our North Carolina Plastic Surgery facility, rhinoplasty can also be done to correct a birth defect, or to allow better breathing.

Rhinoplasty surgery can enhance one's overall appearance and help patients to be more self confident. The ideal candidate for a rhinoplasty has realistic expectations and would like to improve the overall look and contours of their nose. While rhinoplasty can be performed virtually on any age, teenage patients seeking surgery for cosmetic purposes are advised to wait until after their growth spurt and asked to evaluate their reasons for surgery.

The procedure usually only takes between one and two hours. Dr. Anagnos, our North Carolina Plastic Surgeon can perform the operation from inside the nostrils, working within the nose, and making incisions inside the nose. Other complicated operations, call for an "open" procedure where he makes an incision on the outside of the nose, and separates the nostrils to allow for sculpting and reshaping. Our North Carolina Plastic Surgeon will perform various techniques for shaping and resculpting using surgical tools depending on the look that you desire.

Dr. Anagnos will apply a splint to the nose to hold the new shape of your nose in place. Nasal packs or soft nostril splints also can be placed inside the nostrils to allow airflow and hold the septum in place after rhinoplasty surgery.

After surgery most patients feel that their face is slightly puffy and swollen, and there is some pain in the nose and face area. Doctors usually advise patients to stay in bed the day following their surgery with their head elevated. Patients normally have some bruising and swelling around the eyes, but after a few weeks the swelling and bruising should go down and disappear. Bleeding is usually common in the first few days after surgery and doctors advise patients not to blow their noses until after the tissues within the nose have healed properly. Most patients are up and about and back to school and work within a week following the rhinoplasty surgery. Several weeks are needed however to totally heal and feel normal in the nose and cheek area. Doctors recommend that you avoid activities in which you could hit or hurt your nose, and advise not to rub or bump your nose too hard for several weeks after the procedure.

When rhinoplasty surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon most risks and complications are rare and usually minor. However, as with all surgeries, some complications could include infection, nosebleeds or a negative reaction of the anesthesia. Some scarring can occur with the "open" procedure, however most scars are virtually impossible to see on the underside of the nose. Sometimes patients experience tiny red spots on the skin's surface as a result from broken blood vessels. The resulting spots are small, but can remain permanent. In some cases, the patient may desire or require a follow up surgery. However most of these follow up procedures are minor and are not near as complicated as the initial rhinoplasty procedure.


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