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Fat Grafting

Structural fat grafting is a natural way to fill in creases and wrinkles, by a specific method of obtaining fatty tissue for grafting and re-implantation that our North Carolina Plastic Surgeon performs, at our Blue Ridge Plastic Surgery Group suite. The tissue is obtained by gentle aspiration with specialized instruments in an effort to maintain the basic structure of the cells, while keeping them alive and intact. The fat cells are purified and then re-implanted into areas that are deficient in soft tissue volume. Small amounts of fat are injected in layers to gradually build up new soft tissue structures. The classic areas for fat grafting are in the face, including laugh lines and frown lines, upper and lower lips, marionette lines, under the eyes and occasionally, the eyelids and jaw line. Another common area for fat grafting is the back of the hands. Fat cells are placed into an environment which allows for easy reestablishment. Tissues on the face are highly vascular, having a much better blood supply than the rest of the body, allowing a higher chance of successful fat grafting.

The fat is harvested from the abdomen or hips by syringe liposuction, processed, and carefully injected into the areas which require rejuvenation. For small areas, this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, usually with an oral medication for mild sedation. Fat tissue is from your own body, so it will not be rejected as some synthetic fillers may be. When performed properly, permanent improvements in facial contours are possible. If some fat is re-absorbed, and the desired result is not achieved, a second procedure can easily be performed to augment the results obtained from the first injections. Side effects are minimal and include slight chance of infection.
We have many before and after pictures of this great procedure. Dr. Anagnos has used fat transfers to enhance the lower eye hollowness, smooth out badly veined hands, eliminate deep facial creases, scar defects and acne pitting.

Photo Gallery :: Structural Fat Grafting

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  • Fat Grafting
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  • Fat Grafting

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