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Contour Threads

A Contour Threads procedure at our North Carolina Plastic Surgery facility, is a safe and effective one that offers subtle, natural looking results. This is a simple and convenient procedure with immediate results and as it is minimally invasive, there are no visible scars. Contour Threads are used to reposition sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck; lift sagging eyebrows; and adjust asymmetric brows or face. Unlike conventional, smooth sutures, Contour Threads have tiny barbs that are spaced evenly along the thread. These specially designed sutures are fashioned from clear polypropylene, a material that has been safely used in the body for many years for other medical procedures.

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By gently shifting sagging tissues in an upward direction, this technique allows Dr. Anagnos to provide a relaxed, fresh appearance while preserving and enhancing the natural contours of your face. This procedure does not replace a conventional facelift, rather it offers patients an innovative, minimally invasive alternative. The best candidates for this procedure include both men and women, ages 30 to 60, who want a more youthful appearance without having a full face-, brow- or neck- lift. Contour Threads were approved by the FDA in October of 2004, and Dr. Anagnos was one of the first doctors in the area to complete the training course in January 2005 and offer this exciting new procedure. It is not uncommon to have this procedure combined with Botox or Restylane treatments. Additional threads may be added as needed.


A tiny incision is made as an entry point for a long needle to guide the placement of the barbed sutures. Once inserted under the skin, they are fixated, and with tension, create a suspension that gently lifts the sagging tissues. Once in position, your body will soon generate new collagen bundles surrounding each thread to maintain the lifting effect. Contour Threads are clear in color, so they are not visible, even under fair or thin skin. The procedure is quick, typically around one hour, and is usually performed under local anesthesia.

In most cases, there is minimal discomfort, bruising and swelling. Ice packs and Tylenol are suggested for the first 24-48 hours. Patients can usually return to work or normal activities within a few days. It is recommended that patients sleep on their back, and avoid activities that may involve forceful pressure or contact with the face, for at least three weeks after the procedure. These recommendations are made to avoid dislodging the threads from their support locations. There are no additional restrictions after three weeks.

When Contour Threads are placed by a trained physician, complications are rare and this technique is entirely reversible. The main risk associated with this procedure is dislodging of the threads. If this does happen, Dr. Anagnos can correct the problem. Other rare complications include, numbness, facial asymmetry, infection around the incisions, damage to the facial nerve, and too much tension of the face. Most of these risks can be eliminated by using a doctor that has been properly trained and has performed many of these procedures.

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